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Memorex 32020018845 Canned Air Unscented Air Duster – 10 oz. Can (2-Pack)


Memorex 32020018845 Canned Air Unscented Air Duster – 10 oz. Can (2-Pack)

Item#: 32020018845
Retail Price: $19.99
Snagg Price: $6.99
Shipping: $5.00 ($2.95 Each Additional Item)
Condition: New
Packaging: Retail

This Memorex 32020018845 Air Duster cleans away dust, dirt and other contaminants from computers, office equipment, photography equipment and other electronics, without leaving any residue!

The 32020018845 comes with two 10 oz. cans, is moisture free and non-ozone depleting! Blow away dust and particles with the Memorex 32020018845 Air Duster! Order today!

Note: Air Duster will be shipped via GROUND SERVICE only!

�Memorex 10 oz. Air Duster

�General Features:
�Two (2) 10 oz. cans
�Moisture free
�Non-ozone depleting
�Leaves zero residue
�Contains bitterant to combat product misuse
�Safe propellant for cleaning electronics, camera equipment (excluding camera mirrors) computer equipment and more
�Offers a safe and effective way to reach those hard to clean areas
�Includes precision-dusting extension tubes

Package Includes:

�Two (2) Memorex 10 oz. Air Dusters

Additional Information:

�P/N: 32020018845
�UPC: 0 34707 97821 8
�Air Dusters will be shipped via Ground service only

�Keep out of reach of children
�Extremely Flammable
�Contents under Pressure
�Misuse by deliberate inhalation may cause death
�Contact by liquid can cause freezing of skin tissue
�Do not allow chemicals to puddle
�Always test in an inconspicuous area before general use
�Do not puncture, incinerate or store above 120�F / 49�C
�Prolonged exposure to sunlight or other sources of heat may cause to burst
�Do not leave in vehicles
�Do not shake
�Use in well Ventilated areas
�Do not spray into enclosed spaces such as
◦Inside of Paper Shredders
◦Printer Cases
◦Small Cabinets
◦Dark Rooms 

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