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Disney Piglet’s Big Game (PC)


Disney Piglet’s Big Game (PC)

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You’re invited to a “souper” party

Today is a very special day! You’re invited to the Hundred-Acre Wood “Very Large Soup Party!” Rabbit has to make the Very Large Soup, and it’s a Very Large job. Piglet offers to help – and with your child’s help – the very small animal with a very large heart can prove himself a BIG help, indeed! Explore the Hundred Acre Wood, solve brain-teasing puzzles and collect all the soup ingredients from Owl, Eeyore, Tigger and Pooh. It’s up to you to see that Piglet finds all of the ingredients to make this the very best “Very Large Soup Party” ever!


Find Owl’s missing house key.
Find a way for Piglet to help Tigger get the honey.
Can you get Piglet through the pond maze?
Cook for Pooh and friends – they’ll tell you how much they like it.


Use Piglet’s scrapbook to track your success at collecting soup ingredients.
Show your artistic side with a fun color mixing and painting activity!
Solve tricky problems and perplexing puzzles to help
Piglet and the gang!
Unravel mental teasers by maneuvering through mazes and overcoming obstacles that change with every game. 

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