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Microsoft Works 8.5 oem


Microsoft Works 8.5 oem

Item#: 070-03043
Retail Price: $39.95
Snagg Price: $5.95
Shipping: $6.95 ($3.45 Each Additional Item)
Condition: New
Packaging: OEM

Microsoft Works Suite 8.5 OEM includes essential productivity tools like word processor, spreadsheet, database, a Dictionary tool with thesaurus (thesaurus in English version only) and a PowerPoint Viewer. Additional features include an improved Calendar with multiple calendars, better appointment setting, color-coding, and improved printing as well as easy-to-use templates.

There is also an improved Task Launcher home page now includes easy access to calendar and contacts and a core tool quality (auto-save and recovery added in Works Word Processor and Works Spreadsheet; code compiler enhancements for data integrity and greater reliability).

Microsoft Works 8.5 contains:

* Microsoft Works Address Book
* Microsoft Works Calendar
* Microsoft Works Database
* Microsoft Works Dictionary
* Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
* Microsoft Works Word Processor
* Microsoft Works Templates
* Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP-1
* Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 

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