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Act! 2010 oem full version with Corel Wordperfect X4


Act! 2010 oem full version with Corel Wordperfect X4

Item#: ACT2010
Retail Price: $69.95
Snagg Price: $29.95
Shipping: $6.95 ($3.45 Each Additional Item)
ACT! 2010

A quick look: ACT! 2010 stores and manages business contacts and customer information in a calendar-based business database.

The 2010 version of ACT! allows small businesses to better manage customer relationships and contact information. Up to 10 users can share the information in a workgroup setting, and the software integrates with popular software like Microsoft Office (2002 or newer), Lotus Notes, and Adobe Reader. The software helps manage and prioritize activities, and tracks all contact-related communications, and remains a favorite contact and customer management program among business professionals.

Maintain customer relationships
ACT! 2010 allows you to organize details about all your customer relationships in one place. You can group and store contact information, activities and follow-ups, recent communications, sales opportunities, and more! The user-friendly tabbed interface lets you quickly access and enter key information and generate reports.

Increase productivity
ACT! 2010 includes a variety of calendar views, allowing you to see important tasks at a glance with the Dashboard. Activities like calls, meetings, follow-ups, and to-do items can be scheduled, and all part of a contact record. Most importantly, Activity Alarms remind you of time-sensitive deliverables, so you don’t miss anything important!

Improve communication
Works with Microsoft Office Products to merge letters, e-mails, and more. The software offers many pre-formatted templates for a professional look, and data in the ACT! database can even be accessed from a mobile device! 

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